▷ staandupaandscream & yetiteeth

I am sooooo sorry it took so damn long, but they are ready to go when I get paid again :)

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▷ Update.

Still no internet.
had to replace my car.
If you keep messaging me I can’t reply until I have internet since my phone app is ridiculous.
If we are trading, I’ll have everything out asap.
I work full time.
Pay for another new car.
And I’m lucky if I even make it to the post office on time.
Please be patient, I’m getting shit together as fast as I can, but I’m only human and I can only do so much at once.
I’ve got four packages waiting to be mailed right now, so please be patient with me, they will be out soon.

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this was definitely a total surprise package from you0nlyget0ne-shot
katie, i looooove you
this cuff is beautiful. and so colorful~ 
i love the splash soda candy double, but sadly i cannot eat the candy inside. (i am deathly allergic to artificial grape flavoring, so i’ll just keep it as a noise maker xD i’d rather not die :O )
seriously. thank you sooo much. i have so many wonderful pieces from you i can never decide which ones to wear ;o;
singles say: chill out, 1 shot, and the button says ‘this pin is only red when i’m up to no good’
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after a loooong wait, i received my trade from plurfectmemories~ i couldn’t be happier with what she sent, totally worth covering the shipping cost for her. THESE CUFFS ARE ADORABLE. and i love the rasta plastic bracelets. she also sent a binky, which was previously uploaded as a gif~ singles say: negu, rave, cheech/chong, and how r u/high bro thank you so much, i’m glad we figured out how to work our trade out so it could finally be completed~
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received my trade from dlb-jb today! :D i absolutely love everything. so many pastels. AND HELLO KITTY. AND STARS! and i am super happy she made a lot of small singles, i’ve been needing some small singles forever now. :) thank you sooo much lovely. i can’t wait to send your package out this friday! singles say: edm, enjoy, mlp, go beyond, and the one with the HK charm says HK~
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▷ waiting on these people to send packages.

August 2012
- plurfectmemories
September 2012 
- confusedazed
November 2012
- thiscrazystupidlife
December 2012
- iamashleym0ran

Plurfectmemories, I’m sick of excuses from you. Especially since you are telling me one thing and someone else another. So either send something or send what I made back.
confusedazed, you still follow me AND reblog me frequently, so what’s up with your end?
Thiscrazystupidlife, haven’t heard any updates from you since my last reply :/
Ashley, I’m not mad at you, just don’t know what’s going on with your end :/

I WILL NO LONGER TAKE ‘IM BROKE’ as an excuse! Package something up address it(without a return address), drop it in a blue mailbox, and I’ll pay the damn shipping(you can even write that adressee will PAY shipping when received on it. I have before!). It’s never more than $3 ANYWAYS.

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▷ still waiting on packages.

from august, september, november AND december 2012.
I expect you four to notify me about what’s up. Haven’t heard from anyone in a month and all I ever hear is ‘i keep forgetting to send’. Or ‘its lost in the mail’. I will NOT accept the last excuse without a post office receipt as proof.

If you aren’t gonna send anything then at least have the decency to return what I busted my fingers making for you.

Two days and you’re all on yhe scammer list. It’s going public, again. I’m sick of this. That’s my hard work AND money you’ve STOLEN from me.

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she didn’t have to send anything back, but ohmy am I excited for this. 
I lovelovelove the kandi she makes~
I have my very own Dovahkiin now! and a boss room key necklace. 
And moooore amazing singles that use the most gorgeous beads ever!
HAHSHAJABSHS. you have no idea how happy I was when I opened the surprise pack to find Twilight inside. (I have been looking for a non-sparkly Twilight FOREVER!) 
Thank you so much, Kelly(:
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AND her first one ever ~ 
I feel super special that I can call it mine. 
Thank you sooo much Banananana! 
I can’t wait to send your package out. THIS FRIIIIDAY
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definitely my most favorite necklace I’ve ever made.
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